General Business Services 

We recognize that small and mid-sized businesses often are placed in unique positions, required to meet many of the same requirements as larger organizations but often with fewer resources to do so.  However, regulatory and compliance issues are not the only concerns for smaller businesses today.

Many companies are faced with seemingly simpler yet often complicated issues of management and structure.  The need to train managers and supervisors to communicate effectively.  Development and implementation of  efficient processes suitable for their business.  The need to develop a scalable platform capable of handling rapid and/or future growth without compromise to their customers. 

There are many obstacles business owners face and CE Consulting is here to guide you through them.  These areas include but are not limited to:


  • Operations Analysis and Restructuring –review current processes and protocols for efficiency andproductivity.  Develop and implement changes that meet the needs of yourorganization.
  • Employee / Position Evaluations review of current staffing levels, job descriptions (includingdeveloping job descriptions if none exist), position redefinition andconsolidation
  • Management Training – evaluate and train managers on effective communications, problem solving methods and team building
  • Vendor Management – review and renegotiate contracts with service vendors
  • Contract Development – review current contracts, assist in contract generation, pricing models
  • Insurance – Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Automotive
  • Benefits – Healthcare benefit program review and/or development

To learn how we can assist you in accomplishing your business goals contact us via EMAIL or call us at (631) 365-3631.