About Us

We started with a simple idea: to start a business that has a positive impact on healthcare practices and small business community.

Our success comes from the fact that we are outcomes driven and love what we do.

The Mission 

To provide our clients with a scalable strategic solution which enable them to realize their business and/or practice goals to further their objectives.  To partner in the design, development and implementation of new and/or modified processes / programs.  To ensure we provide quality service with the interest of our partner clients, their business and staff in mind. 

To learn about new techniques and innovative treatments, we take part in Continuing Medical Education modules on a regular basis.

Our Philosophy

It is all about our customers.  We believe that every customer regardless of the size of their business should be treated and structured as if they were are a Fortune 500.  We provide each of our clients with our customized triple "A" consulting philosophy:

ASSESS: The needs of your business are unique, so should be your solution.  We ensure that we "listen" to our customers and work with them to identify their needs and create a solution that works for them.

ASSIST:  We do not take over your business.  Recognizing we are acting as counsel and we assist YOU and your TEAM to accomplish the joint goals that have been established while providing the training and tools you will need to maintain and/or grow.

ACT:  We work with our clients to GET THE JOB DONE.  Our goal is to make your vision a reality.  Our job is not complete until each item on the plan has been successfully implemented.

Upon the completion of a consultative project our customers are equipped with the tools to realize their goal and a solid efficient platform positioning them for future growth.  Whether you are just starting or have been established for years, we provide you with executive level expertise and quality to help make and/or continue your business success.